Garage Door Openers – Better Choices and Better Quality Can Be Difficult To Find

Until relatively recently the basic garage door opener was limited only to raising and closing the garage door. As computer chips and electronics have become more compact, technologically advanced and cheaper to produce, the garage door opener no longer has that same limitation. Depending upon the home owner’s budget, the available models from which to choose are truly astounding.

Many home owners will make a trek to the local home improvement store to purchase an opener. Unfortunately most of these hardware superstores, despite having massive amounts of inventory, will only stock a limited number of garage door openers. Usually the choices will range from the basic chain drive to a model with two lights and a little more programmability. Read more about garage door repair Arvada Colorado

The two other options which have advantages over a chain driven model are a screw drive model or belt driven opener. Of the three standard drive systems available, the chain drive is the oldest type with which most home owners are familiar. Even though chain drives have a proven track record and are durable, the chain and drive gear are among the noisiest compared to other drive types available on the market and generally require the most maintenance. Both belt drive models and screw drive openers have increased in popularity. The reason for this demand is ease of maintenance and the noise level produced by the operation of these garage door openers. The only potentially bothersome noise readily discerned from a screw drive or belt driven opener is not from the drive itself, but from the rollers of the door when traveling along the track. If noise from the garage door is of great concern there are different rollers which are designed to reduce the noise to minimal levels.

The other main feature to base a decision on is important for functionality and safety. The home owner needs to make sure that an undersized or underpowered garage door opener is selected. Every garage door opener is rated by horsepower. The type of opener a home owner should purchase will be determined by the type of door, the number of panels and the material from which the door is made. If the opener is underpowered the longevity of the door opener will be greatly diminished due to overheating and burning out of the drive motor.

Installing a new automatic door opener as a do-it-yourself project is not for the feint of heart. It is a laborious and time consuming project which should not be undertaken without a second pair of hands and safety in mind. It is likely that installation can easily take 4 to 6 hours for the average home owner. A professional installer will definitely be a good choice for a home owner and is a justifiable investment.

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