Do You Do Casino Games in Portrait Mode?

Most casino games are made following the first landscape approach. At present there are games that follow the first-portrait-approach, but not much. In fact, just a few years ago, there was almost no casino game in portrait mode at all. However, because technology is always developing, you can now find portrait mode slot games. Is this a good sign? Yes! Is it enough? Unfortunately, no, because after interacting with most of these games, it is clear that designers only scale the landscape mode and put the “round” button at the bottom of the screen. Looks turned out to be very simple, resembling what looks like a version of the landscape version that was unsuccessful.

I understand that duplicate designs and development efforts to make a great game in portrait mode and landscape may be too much. And yes, this can increase development time for about one week or more. But on the other hand, I am quite sure that gaming providers can and have to spend money on this progress.

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Next, maybe we should design a game based on one approach: the first-portrait approach. There are operators targeting computers, laptops and tablets (although tablets have some problems in this case). At the same time, there are many operators who only target smartphones. According to statistics, more and more people play games, including casino games 우리카지노, on their smartphones. Why do companies still make games in landscape mode? And, why don’t they force game providers to design games in portrait-first mode? I will say this because of conservatism.

Only a few years ago, there were many criticisms against those who recorded video in portrait mode.”How will we see videos on television or laptops? They will ask. At present, many videos are recorded in portrait mode and are also fully acceptable on the social media platform. For example, a new platform, like Tiktok, was built around portrait mode. Believe it or not, I would say it might be more of a problem to record video in the current landscape mode because of the need to play it. Many people pass through such videos because they are too lazy to turn their cellphones to the side. Of course, long movies and videos are still played in landscape mode on TV or laptop, but short videos have been very quickly moved to portrait mode.

The same idea applies to smartphone games. If, for example, the PlayStation or Xbox game must be played for more than 3.8 minutes per round, the game must be reproduced in horizontal mode. However, if a game is short, like a slot game, is there really a reason to force players to play their cellphones in landscape mode?

Many of you will accept the idea of ​​the portrait mode used for the slot game, but then question your use while playing our casino우리카지노 game tables such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. However, I will tell you that it is not a problem to design this type of game in portrait mode. I will also notify you that what you need to do is hire the right talent, and they will complete work easily, and in a short time.

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